Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Another New Episode Of Game Of Thrones Leaks Out On Internet Again

An unaired episode of Game of Thrones has appeared on the internet this morning. Episode six, due to be aired on by HBO on Sunday, appeared first on file sharing sites and a Reddit post. The episode was reportedly available on-demand to Spanish subscribers for one hour before being removed – long enough for it to be ripped and shared.Footage from the episode was posted on Reddit via YouTube, Instagram, Twitch and other streaming services, before swiftly being taken down. This would not be the first time that an episode of Game of Thrones would find its way to the internet before its due release date. The fourth episode of the blockbuster series leaked days before HBO officially aired it on August 6. Indian police consequently arrested four suspects in connection with the leak yesterday.And before then, the television giants HBO’s database was hacked but the company claims that the leaks have no links with the hack. The network acknowledged the hack last month with the thieves demanding a multi-million dollar ransom to prevent them from releasing it.Photo Credit: Getty

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