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Game Changers! 1970’s Technologies That Changed The World

Technological invention and development were really Impressive in the 70s as it was a decade that commercialised inventions birthed in the 50s. Factually, most of the technology we use today find their common ancestors from a product sold in the 1970s. So together, lets go back in time and find out some of the techs that broke ground.This 8-bit beauty Apple II was released in 1977, primarily developed by Steve Wozniak. Although preceded by the Apple I, the Apple II is the machine that laid the foundation for Apple’s trajectory as a computer company.Atari was founded in 1972, but the release of the Atari 2600 put both the company and console gaming on the map. The 2600 was originally called the Atari VCS (Video Computer System).Motorola’s dynatac was invented in ’70s and became the first cellphone available for the public to buy. it cost only £3100.92 back then.It may not be the iWatch, but Pulsar P1 was the first-ever digital watch, encased in 18-karat gold. It cost £1630.02 back in 1972.Designed in 1978, the first Sony Walkman prototype was actually created so that Sony co-chairman Masaru Ibuka could listen to opera music while flying abroad.Photo Credit: Getty

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