Wednesday, July 17, 2024

    Beauty Trend: Brighten Up Your Day With The Chic Colour-Block Makeup

    Summer is here and we have been uncovering various ways you can make the most of the season. Today our focus will be on the vibrant colour-block makeup. We all know summer is all about colours, colours that make us happy at that. So, what better way is there to tap this fact than by making use of them for our makeup. Beauty as an aspect of lifestyle is meant to be versatile and as well fun and that is what we will be doing with the colour-block makeup trend. 
    There are several ways you can rock this trend but here are some basic do’s and don’ts for a perfect finish.
    Use very little shimmer: Colour-blocking in makeup works a lot better with flat colours. It’s just more modern and attractive.
    Don’t wear this to the office: Unless you work in a creative environment, of course. But for most peeps, this is strictly evening and weekend territory.
    Don’t forget to keep your skin and brows in tip-top shape: If you’re going to wear intense colour on your face, you better have a perfect canvas, or it’s just going to draw attention to every flaw. Sorry. Oh, and on that note—the younger your skin, the better this is going to look.
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