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    KOKO Weddings: Tips On Being An Impressive Chief Bridesmaid

    Its an honour once you have been selected by your long-time friend, partner-in-crime and sister for life’s sidekick as her bridesmaid among her numerous friends. Not many ladies who have wished for this has been privileged to experience this responsibility on a brides special day. So if you have been selected for this special duty you really should be excited the biggest celebration of your friend’s life and you have the chosen to support her.After all the excitement, the reality of the responsibilities you have to take charge of dawns on you and then if you have never been in a situation like this you become sweaty and confused and sometimes panic sets in because you do not want to end up messing things up for the bride. Well pay close attention as we go through some tips that would help you out assist your friend on her special day.Always Be There During The Planning ProcessFrom the second you receive you an invitation to be a bridesmaid, you’re on the clock (well not literally) and your bridesmaid duties have begun.Be Patient: This is probably the most important piece of advice. Wedding planning brings all sorts of stresses, so you need to be the calm in the midst of all the wedding madness. Be the bride’s second in command, her pal. You will be overwhelmed by the huge number of decisions you will be making since she is too anxious to think.Play around the interest of the other bridesmaid when choosing a dress: When there are other bridesmaids to cater for there is every need to be diplomatic in your choices. It may not be your dress of choice but it’s only one day in a lifelong friendship, so be sweet.Plan A Bridal Shower She would Never Forget: Not only is this a time to celebrate your best pal, but you also get to blow off a bit of steam in the process! Planning the bridal shower can be a tricky undertaking. My top tip is to know your audience, a few embarrassing photos and stories is more than enough for most people. Don’t go down the awkward “His and Her” questions route and hire a stripper for your shy and easily embarrassed friend! She won’t be impressed, not to mention her Mum and soon to be Mother-in-Law! So in as much as you want to have fun with your friend, remember that she is a soon to be wife and she is off the market.Create Mood boards with great bridal ideas: Working together to create mood boards will help refine her ideas and explain the look of the wedding when talking to stylists, event planners and bakers.Put your acts together and pay attention to details on the day of her wedding:The morning of the wedding is going to be a hustle and bustle of excitement, laughter and tears but it’s also going to be crazy! Organise a rota for the bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride having their hair and makeup done. Give everyone their time slots so there is no confusion, drama or delays!Always stay prepared in case of an emergency: It is so important to have a bridal kit on the day. Something is guaranteed to go wrong so having safety pins/ plasters/sewing kit/chalk/tissues etc. is a must – you can thank me after the button holding it altogether pops off! The makeup artist might be present or probably long gone so it’s up to you to always keep the blushing bride always blushing.Be sure that everyone present is enjoying themselves: There is so much going on for the bride and groom it will be reassuring to know everyone is being taken care of and you’ll be the remembered by everyone for it!Its dance time:  It’s a party after all! Be the first to join the couple on the dance floor and encourage the bride who might turn out to be shy to dance but never take over the show.Photo Credit: Getty

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