Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Aziz Ansari Talks About Avoiding The Internet As He Covers GQ Style

American actor Aziz Ansari was the perfect pick for the cover of GQ Style fall 2017 issue. The 34-year-old connects with the magazine during the course of Paris Fashion Week. French photographer Arnaud Pyvka captures Ansari in smart looks from the designs of Paul Smith and Berluti.Catching up with GQ Style, Ansari talks about his vow to go analog and disconnect from the internet. Ansari explains, “Because I haven’t invested in my personal life the way that I have in my professional life, I’m way more dedicated to my professional life. And I realized that recently, you know?”The 34-year-old actor continues, “I wouldn’t change much. I would probably adjust my personal life to be in a loving relationship, and I’d probably adjust it so I got to spend more time with my parents. And I would create teleportation, so I could see people quickly without worrying about travel.”Photo Credit: GQ Style

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